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About Us

Nature as a sustainable provider for all of humanity: circular economy. Because of its qualities cellulose has a mayor role to play in this endeavor.  As a company we contribute to this by utilizing cellulose as one of the main sources for production of goods, materials and chemicals. Our vision: 

c e l l u l o s e ,   c i r c u l a r   e c o n om y   e s s e n t i a l

In the 20th century the pulp- and paper industries developed a great foundation for cellulose utilization.

We now take cellulose to a 21st century level. Together with our partners we unlock the full potential of cellulose and make it the beating heart of circular economy.


Our Company


KNN Cellulose BV aims to make cellulose the beating heart of circular economy. Our B2B activities include cellulose trading and development of new business including technology.

In 2015 KNN Cellulose BV was established as an independent company. The company originates from KNN Group.

In 2017 the company included additional shareholders to establish a strong basis for development of its potential.

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In 2018 KNN Cellulose together with Cirtec BV launched the company Cellvation BV. A joint venture that enables up-cycling of cellulose from waste water treatment plants (WWTP's) to a high grade cellulose product Recell®.  

KNN Cellulose is located at WaterCampus and proud member of Wateralliance, Nederland Circulair and Circulair Friesland. We are also part of the Bestart community. 


Our Approach

Our world is in need of new, sustainable ways of production: circular economy. Therefore consumer goods, build environment and chemical industries need rethinking in terms of sourcing and sustainable production. 

For KNN Cellulose developing these sustainable value chains means searching for balance in both economical and environmental value

Lasting partnership is a crucial element in the development of sustainable value chains. We establish(ed) several partnerships in various value chains, from suppliers to customer.


If you are interested in exploring cooperation don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

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